This site is family owned and operated by the Carter brothers (Chris and David).

How we got into raising worms:

David Carter, one of the owners of Red Worms for Sale, used to be an avid fisherman. Paying $5 for 20 limp, small worms just never seemed to be worth it. I thought there had to be a better way.

After some research, I learned all about worms and started raising worms for myself.  At first I was raising them just for fishing, but quickly realized that they were great for composting too.  Within no time I had more worms than I needed for myself and that is when I decided I should start selling some.  Ever since then I’ve been determined to provide my worms and information to everyone else that is interested in composting or fishing or anything else pertaining to worms.

If you would like to contact Chris or David Carter feel free to email us via our contact page. We usually can get back to all of our emails within 24 hours.