Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What kind of bedding should I use for my worm bin?

A: Coconut coir , peat moss, aged manure, shredded paper and shredded cardboard all make for great beddings.

Q: How often do these worms reproduce?

A: All the time! A good estimate is that you can double your population of worms every 3 months with decent care. It can go even faster than that if you take really good care of them.

Q: What should I feed the worms?

A: There is no need to buy feed for your worms. There is plenty of waste that the worms will be happy to eat. It helps keep extra waste out of the landfill. Some good foods for the worms include: veggie and fruit scraps, manure, grass clippings, and leaves. Stay away from things like meats, highly acidic fruits, and oily foods.

Q: Why are my worms crawling on the sides of my bins?

A: If you just got your worms, this is normal. Just turn a light on over the bin and the worms should climb back into the bedding. It takes a few days for them to get settled. If they are still doing this there may be a problem with your bin. Please read the next question.

Q: What are common problems with worm bins and how can you fix them?

A: Too much water: this can cause lots of smelly bacteria to reproduce in your bin and cause oders. To fix this, just add a lot of fresh, dry bedding and mix up the bin.

Too much food: if your worms are not keeping up with the food, it will start to rot and smell really bad. You may want to take a little bit of the food out and let the worms catch up. Don’t overfeed your worms.